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The Organised Groom
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

'If a clock is hungry, does it go back four seconds?'

Too much time on your hands can be a curse. Too little time can cause stress and mistakes can be made. Where is the middle ground? How do you know if you’re starting to kill time and when do you know if you’re creating work for yourself?

If Nance and I had three weeks to put a wedding day together, we would create a wonderful party that our friends and family would love to share with us. There would be a venue, food and drink and a fantastic party. But Nance and I didn’t have three weeks to plan our wedding day. We had 64 weeks. 64 weeks. That’s a lot of weeks.

The primary reason for the big lead time is money. Our parents are being amazing and helping us out with funding. It’s incredibly generous and we really appreciate it. Unfortunately, unless we got hitched in a registry office and had the reception in McDonald’s, it isn’t enough. We need the extra year to save.

The extra time is a savour as it gives us the opportunity to think through exactly what we want to achieve. But it has also created an odd situation of indecision. 'Do we want L.E.D up-lighters? Err, yeah, guess so. Let's go and check them out and make a day if it'. We have probably spent more on petrol driving around the South East of England than we have saved on negotiating the linen and lighting.
Will up-lighters make the day better? Probably not. Will the guests care what shade our chair covers are? Maybe. It is time for Nance and I to re-group and realise what is important for the day - People, music, and booze. Get those ingredients right and the wedding pie will come out golden and delicious.

God is in the detail but the Devil makes work for idle thumbs.